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The Perfect Hat For...

Spring / Summer 2016

Finest Couture hats, hand-made with an aesthetic of innovation. Original, daring and witty creations for Ascot, weddings, parties and picnics. Prices from £1000.

For Spring Summer 2016 Stephen Jones Millinery presents a wardrobe of hats;

‘The perfect hat for…’

Stephen invited his hat connoisseurs from around the world to picture an event for which he would create ‘The perfect hat for…’ The hats could be as real or as fanciful as these ladies and gentleman imagined: from a hat for doing the school run, to riding a unicorn to the Moon. Their ideas were charming, inventive and inspiring as the clients themselves; interpreted into millinery as diverse as a trilby for walking the moors with Robbie Burns, to ticklish ostrich plumes for sex!