• Stephen Jones Millinery Autumn Winter 2023 Why? Why Not? collection Hats
Photographed by Peter Ashworth

Why? Why Not...

Autumn / Winter 2023

Stephen Jones Millinery Stephen Jones presents his Autumn / Winter 2023 collection, ‘Why? Why Not…’

The Model Millinery collection is an eclectic pic ‘n’ mix of 15 hats selected at random from Stephen’s 40-year career and refashioned into a modern interpretation. A petrol colour palette of black, purples & teals is used as the petersham ribbon that ties the Model Millinery, Miss Jones & JonesBoy collections together. The hats shows a spontaneous compilation of designs from floating top hats to patchwork berets; spangled baseball caps to buckled headbands, crafted using traditional millinery techniques.

You may ask why? Well, Why the f*** not?