• Stephen Jones Millinery Autumn Winter 2018 Crowns collection


Autumn / Winter 2018

‘We just know inside that we’re queens. And these are the crowns we wear.’ - Felecia McMillan
‘Crowns’ by Michael Cunningham

For Autumn & Winter 2018, Stephen Jones presents his collection ‘Crowns’, celebrating African-American millinery and its glamorous wearers. Peach-bloom felts, shimmering velvet, seductive leopard. Orchids, diamonds and veils. Hats which have been inspired by his love of Billie Holiday & Nina Simone. Re-interpreting the fantasies he created for Naomi Campbell & Pat Cleveland when they conquered the catwalk. Stephen seeks to capture the exuberance and elegance of these women and their crowning glories.


Image: © 2000 Michael Roberts / Maconochie Photography, collage of 3 SJ hats
L-R: Rose Royce AW96, Cadillac SS95, Tangent SS96